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Seeking equity, parity and recognition for the Recovery Community on Long Island

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Who We Are

Founded in January 2000, the Long Island Recovery Association is a grassroots organization of people concerned about the rights of those in recovery from or seeking help for addiction related illnesses. We look to bring together individuals in recovery, along with families, friends and allies, to advocate for the rights and needs of those affected by the disease of addiction.

Through education and advocacy, we hope to help de-stigmatize alcoholism and other diseases of addiction, achieve treatment parity for addicted persons seeking help and ensure that a compassionate and well-informed understanding of the nature of illnesses of addiction becomes the norm rather than the exception among legislators, institutions, family members and society in general.

LIRA predates the national "Faces and Voices of Recovery" movement. LIRA was built on the premise that the recovering community is frequently overlooked and often discounted in matters of public interest because the group has remained mostly invisible to the public eye.

Based on a recent survey (2012) It is estimated that 450,000 Long Island residents have an alcohol or other drug problem. Recent figures estimate that at least 85,000 people are actively engaged in sustained recovery here on Long Island. LIRA provides a face and adds a voice to a rather large recovery constituency on Long Island.

In addition to individuals in recovery, the membership of LIRA includes family members, political figures, teachers, healthcare and treatment professionals, retired citizens, civil servants, business owners, white- and blue-collar workers, and those interested in a better society in general. At the core of LIRA is a group of passionate, dedicated individuals, leading the drive for equality and representation.


LIRA Board of Directors

Richard Buckman - President
Nicole Carey
Leo Hurley
Eugenia Karahalias - Vice President
Debbie Turkel Nardozzi
Ed Olsen - Secretary
Joan Phillips
Anthony Rizzuto
Craig Sehlhoff
Bruce Till - Treasurer